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Propose garde d’enfants à temps partiel - Asnières

Babysittings & Gardes d’enfants
Asnières-sur-Seine (92600)

15 €

Nombre d’enfants 1 enfant
Dear Gens de Confiance,

We are a French family in search of a dedicated anglophone nanny to care for our 7-year-old son in Asnières sur Seine (at walking distance from the train station Asnières and metro line 13-Gabriel Peri)
The nanny’s typical day will commence with picking up our son from school at 16h20 and continue until 19h30 . Responsibilities will include assisting with his bathing and preparing his meals.
On Wednesdays, the nanny will enjoy a full day with our son, accompanying him to nearby activities. The schedule for Wednesdays will extend from 8h30 to 19h00 .
During school holidays, the nanny will be expected to work full-time for a total of four weeks (2 weeks during the summer break and 2 weeks during other holiday periods). The hours of work will align with those of Wednesdays. On holidays, the nanny will also have the exciting task of taking our son to explore museums and participate in various activities, some of which may be in Paris and require the use of public transportation.
In addition to the 5 weeks of annual vacation, the nanny will be entitled to at least 7 additional weeks of paid holidays.

Qualifications for the ideal candidate :
- A minimum experience in nannying or childcare is required.
- Native English fluency is mandatory; conversational English proficiency will not suffice.

We will pay for half of your public transportation cost (42€/month)
The salary is 15€/h or 1275€/month (gross salary) for 85h/month on average. The net monthly salary is 1021€ (including transportation cost)

CDI (permanent contrat)

Schedule :
Starting date : July 1st (for a transition with our current nanny) with school hours
Optionnal : 2 weeks full time from July 15 2024 until July 26 2024 (holiday hours)
Then back to school on September 2d with school hours

Annonce publiée  03/06/2024

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