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Gens de Confiance Terms of Use

Referrers are accountable for their referees

  • To access the site, the new member must be referred by at least 3 other members.
  • Referrers and all those who recommend a member vouch for the person’s integrity.
  • Members who fail to abide by the rules and/or spirit of the site will be banned, as will their referrers.
    This is why we recommend you choose carefully when referring.
  • We advise you to refer only friends and relatives. Don't go looking for referrers and don't refer people you don't know very well (friends of friends, distant acquaintances)
  • In minor cases or where there is reasonable doubt, a warning will be sent to the member at fault as well as to their referrers.
  • This site is based on trust, so members agree that their first name, last name and profile picture will be visible to others.
  • Accounts with fake, incomplete or absurd names will be disabled.

Classified ads

  • The member posting the ad is responsible for the content, the truthfulness of the text and the photos submitted.
  • Each ad is checked by a friendly moderator before being published, but this does not release the author from their responsibility.
  • Out of respect for the buyer, the ad must clearly state any defects in the item for sale.
  • The author agrees that the Friendly Moderators may edit their ad when needed (correct spelling mistakes, resize photos).
  • Personal details are authorised in ads, however we don't recommend it.
  • The author agrees to remove their ad once the transaction has been completed.
  • A trusted environment like this reduces the risk inherent in any transaction between people, but you must still exercise basic caution.
  • The site declines all liability for any damage or loss caused by one of its members.
  • Without the authorisation of the author, it is strictly forbidden to share an ad or photos from our website on social media or via email to non-members.
  • Banned ads (including but not limited to):
    1. Ads concerning pharmaceutical, para-pharmaceutical and para-medical products and activities as well as cosmetics and food supplements.
    2. Ads concerning investment 'opportunities' or 'multi-level' marketing (at our discretion).
    3. Requests for loans or private donations. Fundraising for charity is accepted provided that the donations are made via verified crowdfunding sites.
    4. More than one version of an ad. One ad = one item. If necessary, you can edit your ad (description, dates, price, etc.).
    5. Items/services that are more expensive than elsewhere. A relationship based on trust means you can count on reasonable prices. You're welcome to post your ad on other sites, but there’s no reason to raise the price on Gens de Confiance. In our trusted community you can price your items at or lower than the 'market price’ because you are less likely to encounter any nasty surprises.
    6. Posting ads (and replying to ads) for someone else. The person must sign up and find their own referrers. If you were able to do so, they will most probably be able to also.

Behavior and courtesy

  • The website is free to all, but everyone must use it in a community spirit.
  • For the respect of all members, common courtesy is the key to this site.
  • Courtesy must be shown in the ad descriptions, messages sent, calls made and when meeting in person (Hello / Please / Thank you)
  • Your photo must be in good taste. Please leave your swim suit photos on Facebook ;-)
  • If you've arranged to meet, be on time and let the person you're meeting know if you're unable to make it.
  • If the item you are selling is no longer available or if you have found what you are looking for, please let all those concerned know and delete the ad ('remove' button).
  • Keep your word. Don't sell your item to someone else without consulting a member you promised it to initially.
  • It is strictly forbidden to offer a service or product (via message or any other means) that hasn't been requested.

Ads by businesses

  • The site is intended primarily for private individuals. The rules will be even stricter for businesses.
  • Don't contact a private individual if their ad does not specifically say they are looking for a business service.
  • By posting an ad on the site, you pledge to supply a superior quality service or product at a fair price.
  • You're free to post promotional offers on the site. We'll share the most interesting offers to our members on Facebook and Twitter :-)

Privacy and confidentiality

  • Your personal data is and will remain your property.
  • The site is closed to search engines (Google, etc.). Your identity, ads and any other data cannot be seen by non-members or web robots.
  • We've taken all the necessary security precautions to protect the data shared (https encryption).
  • We keep your personal data (including your email address, Facebook account etc.) strictly confidential and will never share it with others.
  • The site has been declared with the CNIL (the French data privacy agency) under number 1772590.
  • You can request to see your personal data using the contact form.
  • We believe in the right to be forgotten: all your data will be deleted on request.