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When it comes to renting an apartment or selling their car, a million members find Gens de Confiance more reassuring.

They are just waiting for you to do the same in their search for professionals.

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A new way to word-of-mouth

What if your future clients were your current client's niece's brother's cousin's best friends?

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    A unique network

    Discuss with a million highly recommendable members, describe your services to them…

    The Pro Profile allows you to benefit from all the strength of the Gens de Confiance network.

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    Post classifieds

    If Gens de Confiance is above all a network of classified ads between individuals, professionals can post their ads with the “Pro” badge.

    And thus, appear in the thousands of searches carried out every day.

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    Promote your customer reviews

    In choosing a company, the opinions of your customers are decisive.

    And of course, reading reviews from loved ones or recommendable people is even more convincing!

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