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Gens de Confiance is a trustworthy ad site accessible only by recommendation and sponsorship.

Thousands of discerning owners have chosen Gens de Confiance to rent out their vacation homes.

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    Whether it's a fisherman's hut or a palace, you'll find tenants who will respect your little corner of paradise.

    More than 80% of owners only offer their property on Gens de Confiance.

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    All of our members have started by finding three sponsors. These sponsors are the ones who recommend and vouch for their behavior.

    This simple difference protects you from scams, spam, and bad behavior.

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    Our customer Happiness Team's mission is to simplify the use of the service for both owners and their tenants.

    We have a reputation for being friendly.
    But more importantly, for being very efficient.

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0% commission

Most vacation rental services charge a commission, often between 5% and 20%. On Gens de Confiance, the costs are fixed for your vacation rental ad. The financial calculation is easy!

30 days / half year
€150 / day

Six months Gens de Confiance


Six months with 5% commission:


Six months with 20% commission:

Valid for six months

Vacation rental plan

  • 0% commission: rent as much as you want, at the price you want.
  • Rental guarantee: if your accommodation is not rented after six months, we will fully reimburse you.
  • Gens de Confiance mediation services, if needed.
119Tax included

€19.83 / month

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The six-month package will be automatically renewed at the end of the period.
You will be alerted by email 15 days beforehand. If you don't want to renew the ad, please remove it before the end of your subscription.

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